Terms and Conditions

Please read the various services provided by Atootbandhan before making any payment in respect of any service. The member using the site agrees to be bound by these terms of use (Agreement). This agreement sets out the legally binding terms for your use of the site and your membership. This agreement may be modified by Atootbandhan from time to time in feature.

To use of Atootbandhan service you must be a legal marriageable age as per the laws of India, a minimum of 18 years for the Bride and 21 years for the groom.

This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the Site and/or as long as you remain a Member of the Site. You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, Atootbandhan reserves the right to terminate your access to the Site. In the event of Atootbandhan terminating your membership because of any infringement/breach of the terms herein, you will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees, if any.


The Atootbandhan is for the personal use of individual members only and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors, including providing links to other websites. The Site reserves the right to cancel the registration of and obliterate any non-individual membership from Atootbandhan and take appropriate legal action against such registrants, civil or criminal.


You (As a Member) will not transmit any chain letters or junk email. You will not engage in any unsolicited advertising, solicitation, buying/selling of any products or services through the Site. You will not use any information obtained from the Site to harass, abuse or harm another person or to contact such person for any ulterior motive. Apart from this you will not Members who subscribe to Atootbandhan Service hereby, unconditionally and irrevocably confirm that you have read terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.


The Atootbandhan reserves its right to monitor the conduct of Members and in its sole discretion stop/cancel and/or initiate action against such registration in case, there is any violation of rules as enumerated herein.


As Atootbandhan is acting only as a facilitator and providing you a platform on the Site, you are solely responsible for your direct as well as indirect interactions with other Atootbandhan Members. The Site reserves the right but has no obligation to monitor disputes between you and other members.


The paid members of Atootbandhan will be able to view the contact details of users, who have permitted their contact details to be visible to other members of Atootbandhan.


You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password that you designate during the registration process, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your username and password, Atootbandhan will not be liable for any loss or damage.


We do not allow and advocate creating multiple profiles for the same person. This may result in misguiding other members of the site. Atootbandhan reserves the right to deactivate such profiles without any notice and does not refund subscription fees to the users in its description.


Atootbandhan does not assume any responsibility or liability for any legal content posted on the site by any members, users, or any third party.


Atootbandhan is not responsible for any personal verification and does not hire any detective for the members. We verified the userís profile to send the verification mail only. Member should be verified by their side before confirmed the marriage.